Fudge – Adult male Dutch Cross Rabbit

Fudge is an adult neutered male Dutch cross. He came in on the 23rd of October after being removed from his previous home by an Inspector.
He is friendly and ok to pick up and handle. He needs to be homed with a spayed female for company.fudgem1

Fred and George – 16 month old male Lop-Eared Rabbits

Fred and George are two neutered males aged 16 months old. They are looking for a home with a secure garden and a large set up or shed to live in as they are big rabbits! They need to be homed together.fred-and-georgem

Fluffy and her babies

Meet Fluffy, who is looking for a new home as are three of her babies (picture of 4 but one has been re-homed). They are friendly rabbits who need to be homed in pairs. Fluffy is an adult and the babies are about 4 months old.


Fluffy and her babies came in as they were no longer wanted and have been here since last October.



This is JCB a 3-4 year old spayed female lop eared rabbit. She originally came to us in October 2006 as an unclaimed stray.  She was successfully rehomed with a neutered male rabbit but unfortunately was returned to us as her companion was killed by a fox. JCB is a friendly, laid back rabbit looking for a home with a neutered male rabbit for company.


Sapphire and Diamond

Meet Sapphire and Diamond, both 1 year old female, spayed Dutch rabbits. They originally came into us last year as part of an unwanted litter. They were returned to us because the children lost interest. They are friendly girls but can be a bit nervous at first as they haven’t had a lot of handling. They must be homed together.