Blue and Charlie – 4 month old male White and Grey French Lops

This pair who need a home together are brothers, Blue & Charlie.  They are nearly 4 months old French Lops (Charlie is an albino). Both are myxi-vaccinated, & will be neutered before rehoming.

blue and charlie blue

Blue is very inquisitive & loves to binky round the room & then nibble at the bottom of your trousers just to say ‘I’m here’.  He still wriggles when being handled as he likes to have his paws on the floor where he can hop around.  He enjoys cuddling up to his brother & grooming him.


Charlie, like his brother, is very inquisitive and just that bit cheekier out of the pair!  This young pair will make a wonderful addition to the right home.

Lady Bella – adult Black and White Rabbit

Upon Bella’s arrival into my home she was very hand shy and would box your hand away if it went near her.  Bella is a totally different bunny outside the cage or hutch as to being inside.  Whilst with us she gets to roam around the house and will come up to you for chin rubs or a cuddle. She will make someone a very nice house rabbit.  When outside she does tend to dig the garden up so you would have to keep an eye on her.

lady bella

Bella needs to find a loving home with someone confident with rabbits, she is not for the novice or first timers as she still boxes your hand away, however, show her you’re not going to hurt her and she calms down after a little grunting.  Once she has been picked up she will allow you to cuddle and stroke her, she needs alot of time and patience. Lady Bella is currently unspayed.