Ronnie and Snowy – 3-5 year old male and female Brown and White Dutch and White and White Rabbit

Ronnie and Snowy have been in foster care here at Walsall RSPCA for 2 years now. They came in seperately and were bonded in our care due to them both being lonely. Ronnie is a 4/5 year old neutered female dutch bunny and Snowy is a 3/4 year old male REW.

Ronnie was brought to us with her sister, but as they were fighting we had to split them. Snowy was a stray, his owners were located but didnt want him back.

Both bunnies are tame, especially Snowy. Ronnie prefers to do her own thing, but will have a fuss at her own level. If you feel you can offer Ronnie and Snowy their forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at

Sooty – 2 year old female Brown and Fawn Mini-Lop Cross Rabbit

Sooty came into RSPCA Walsall care in January 2010. Sooty is a mini lop crossed with something that has given her the most amazing ears in the world. We are not sure of her exact age but she is a fairly young bunny at around 2 years. She arrived with fur mites and bald patches on her back where she had been pulling her own fur out in a desperate attempt to stop the itching. After just a couple of weeks and two simple injections to kill off the mites, her beautiful thick coat has regrown and you would never know that she ever had a problem.

Sooty is very confident and adventurous and has obviously been well handled in the past. She adores being fussed and cuddled and absolutely loves having her head and ears rubbed. She is relatively easy to handle and would be the perfect first time bunny for a new owner. Sooty is neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a forever home with a neutered male rabbit. If you feel you can offer Sooty her forever home, please contact us at or call us on 0845 272 3570. Many thanks

Dougal – 3 year old male Black and White Rabbit

Dougal came into RSPCA Walsall care in December 2009. Dougal is a 3 year old male cross breed bunny. He came into care through a cruelty case in May 2009 but has only just arrived at our branch. He was previously kept in cramped and dirty conditions until he was rescued by the RSPCA.

Dougal is a delightful little chap. He spends a lot of time grooming his fosterers and rubbing his chin onto them. He is very friendly, and is always waiting at the front of the hutch for a friendly face and demanding nose rubs. He is very inquisitive and always on the go watching what everyone is up to. He will make a lovely bunny for a family. We are looking to rehome him with a female for companionship. If you feel you can offer Dougal his forever home, please contact Lucy on 08452723570 or email


Roxy is a 2 year old Dutch cross. She is a very friendy and inquisitive little girl. She came into care with her sister but they had to be separated as they were fighting. This may have been due to the fact that poor little Roxy was in a lot of pain. It appears that she has been fed on a poor diet which has led to her having spurs on her back teeth.


She was in so much pain she couldn’t bare to be touched, so we think this is why she may have lashed out at her sister. She has now had an operation to have the spurs removed and this has relieved the pain for her. Although she is on a better diet now which should help to keep her teeth in check, we do not know how fast they will grow back or when she will need to have it done again, if at all.

If she does need to have her teeth done again, we can recommend a vet in Birmingham or Coventry who can do this with the rabbit awake for approx £10. This makes it much more managable, and hopefully won’t put anyone off taking her on. Roxy needs a neutered male to move in with, so if you think you can give Roxy a good life, please get in touch.

Melvin and Parsnip

Melvin and Parsnip are a pair of 4 1/2 month male brothers. They are adorable little boys but they do need a lot of handling to make up for what they have missed out on so far.

rspcawalsall_parsnipandmelvin1.jpg rspcawalsall_parsnipandmelvin2.jpg

At this age it won’t take long to bring them round at all. We will be looking to rehome them together and will be having them neutered shortly. Parsnip is the black and white crested and Melvin is the brown and white crested.

Jasmine and Daisy

Jasmine and Daisy are a stunningly beautiful pair of mini rex females. They are 8 months old and came in due to the previous owners children having allergies to them. They were brought as a christmas present, sadly as always seems to happen when animals are brought as gifts, it turns out badly for the animals.

rspcawalsall_jasmine.jpg rspcawalsall_daisy.jpg

They are very friendly girls who don’t seem afraid or nervous. They are going to be spayed soon and will then be looking for a new home together. If you feel you can offer these girls a forever home please get in touch.

Sandy and Milo

Sandy and Milo are a bonded pair of rabbits. Milo is a male and Sandy is a female, both are 21 months old and both are neutered. They make a lovely pair and will definitely be rehomed together.


As they are Lion Heads they will need grooming around the head and neck area to avoid them getting knotted. They are really well behaved when they are being brushed so it shouldn’t be hard to keep on top of. Can you offer these lovely bunnies a fresh start in life?


Cuddles is a 3 year old female abysinnian guinea pig. She can be quite timid when she first meets you, but once she gets to know you she is very friendly and loving. We are looking to rehome her with a placid non territorial female or with a neutered male. We may have one in care that she could be paired up with if you’d like her as part of a pair.


Cuddles came in as an unwanted pet and appears to have been passed around from person to person. We would love to find her a stable loving home to be spoilt in.

Rosie and Jemima

Rosie and Jemima are a pair of sisters who are 2 years old. They are being neutered shortly, but even unneutered they get along really well. They are exceptionally friendly and love each other to bits. They are always snuggled up together and will make excellent companions for someone.


Jemima is the bunny with the ears pointing up and Rosie is the lop eared one. They have the most wonderful spotty markings and their personalities match their beautiful appearance.