Daffodil Daisy and Gerty

Meet Daffodil, Daisy and Gerty, this gorgeous trio of girls are looking for a new home together. They are approximately 1 year old and were originally brought in a pet shop. Their previous owner went to university and didn’t take them with her, leaving them looking for a new home. They are very sweet little girls. Can you offer them the life of luxury they’re seeking?


Lacey Lilly and Lottie

Meet Lacey, Lilly and Lottie, these 3 girls came in together as unwanted pets. They are all an abysinnian type. Lacey is the mom (about 2 years) and Lilly and Lottie are the daughters (about 18 months). Lacey is more confident than the other 2 girls but this can be easily rectified in time with patience and love. They are suitable for an adult home or where the children are over 12.