Brian – 3 year old male Gray Standard Rex Rabbit

This is Brian. He is a 3 year old Rex and is a very special case, he has been in care for 2 years and a half years, originally coming in as part of a trio. His two hutch mates have since passed away. Brian was to be a long term foster as his owners were posted to another country, through the forces. They have since decided that they will not be taking Brian back on their return and have asked that we re-home him.

Brian has a long term health condition in the form of snuffles and has to go to a home with a bunny who already has this condition. Although this causes him no day to day problems and he is very healthy, he would be contagious to a rabbit who does not have the condition. On a daily basis Brian has a snuffly nose and occasionally this can flare up causing him to require a short course of antibiotics. However this is rare.

Brian is a loving and very inquisitive rabbit. When out in the garden he will race round and leap in the air with excitement! He also really likes his food and is a little chubby. We are desperate to find Brian a loving home that will allow him to live out the rest of his days being loved and cared for. Please get in contact if you would like to know more, Brian is currently being fostered with Charlotte.

Echo – 2-3 year old female Grey Rabbit

Echo came into care as part of a cruelty/neglect case. She was taken into care by another area in May 2009 after being taken from a house where she was kept in dirty cramped conditions. She was transferred over to us for rehoming in December 2009. We estimate her to be 2-3 years old, she has been spayed, neutered and microchipped.

Echo hasn’t been shown much love or attention in her past so she is understandably nervous of new people. She needs to get to know and trust someone before she will start to become her true self. We need someone patient and understanding to give Echo the room to grow and blossom. She is a real sweetie and loves a head rub.

When she was spayed the vets found that Echo had a couple of small spurs on her back teeth. Hopefully with the correct diet this may correct itself, although Echo will need regular teeth checks when she has her vaccinations.

We are looking to rehome Echo with a neutered male for company. If you feel you can offer Echo her forever home, please contact us at or call us on 0845 272 3570.

Ronnie and Snowy – 3-5 year old male and female Brown and White Dutch and White and White Rabbit

Ronnie and Snowy have been in foster care here at Walsall RSPCA for 2 years now. They came in seperately and were bonded in our care due to them both being lonely. Ronnie is a 4/5 year old neutered female dutch bunny and Snowy is a 3/4 year old male REW.

Ronnie was brought to us with her sister, but as they were fighting we had to split them. Snowy was a stray, his owners were located but didnt want him back.

Both bunnies are tame, especially Snowy. Ronnie prefers to do her own thing, but will have a fuss at her own level. If you feel you can offer Ronnie and Snowy their forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at

Dice – 3 year old Grey Rabbit

DICE is about 3 years old and needs a loving home she doesn’t like being handled much and can get a little cage territorial however has never bitten only boxed my hand. She just needs a little love and time and I hope someone can give her what she needs. Dawn can be contacted on 01522 532692 to answer any queries at all that you might have. You can also email Dawn directly on . Please remember Dawn is a volunteer, who shares her home and busy life with our rabbits. She might not be available to take your call immediately – please be patient, she will get back to you.


Velvet is a middle aged female, we think black Otter Rex rabbit who came to us pregnant. She has recently given birth to 7 lovely rabbits who are now ready to find their own homes. Velvet is an adorable rabbit. She is very friendly and loves interacting with people.

She loves being stroked and if you stop she will nudge you to give her more love. If you are looking for a friendly and loving rabbit then Velvet could be just the one for you.


Nemo is a large male 4 year old French Lop male. He is a very laid back chap who loves to be stroked and fussed, although is a bit nervous when lifted. Nemo would make a lovely companion but is not suitable for young children to handle because of his size.


For further details, please contact MGFT Animal Sanctuary’s Lincoln Farm branch in Dorset on 01929 471340.