Daisy and Dandelion – 2 year old male and female Black Rabbits

Daisy & Dandelion came into RSPCA Walsall care in November 2009. Daisy & Dandelion are a neutered male/female pair of bunnies who are happliy bonded together. They would appear to be siblings and are 2 years old. Dandelion is going through a moult so looks a bit tatty in his pictures, but when his moult is complete his coat will look as soft and velvety as his sisters. If you feel you can offer them a home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at enquiries@rspca-walsall.org.uk

Robbie and Millie – 8-9 month old male and female Fawn and Black Rabbits

Millie and Robbie came into care as part of a large rescue the RSPCA did where breeding had got out of control. These two make a really lovely pair, and we are pretty certain that they are brother and sister. We would estimate them to be around 8-9 months old now. Robbie is an absolute little darling, he doesnt mind being handled. Millie is a little timid, she is a little nervous of being handled but is fine when out in the run/garden. If you feel you can offer Robbie and Millie their forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or enail us at enquiries@rspca-walsall.org.uk

Buster and Daisy – 2 year old male and female Black and Fawn Rabbits

BUSTER & DAISY are now a bonded pair and need someone to love them. They are both in need of a loving home with loads of space to run, hop & binky round. Buster is an affectionate bunny who will lick your nose for a kiss and loves to be fussed over. Daisy is very vocal however is OK to be handled but due to size, they both feel uncomfortable when they don’t have paws on solid ground. These two will make someone great pets. Please, if Buster and Daisy are for you, feel free to contact me to view for cuddles. Dawn can be contacted on 01522 532692 to answer any queries at all that you might have. You can also email Dawn directly on bunnyfostermum@yahoo.co.uk . Please remember Dawn is a volunteer, who shares her home and busy life with our rabbits. She might not be available to take your call immediately – please be patient, she will get back to you.

Oprah – 2 year old female Black Rabbit

I am OPRAH and I am recently divorced from Thumper who has run off with Atesha. Apparently it was my fault, as I love my food more than Thumper. Oprah was obese when she came into our care so her food intake will need to be watched to ensure she doesn’t overeat. She also developed an abscess on her face but these has now been successfully cleared up and her fur has grown back.

Oprah needs exercise but isn’t particularly confident in open spaces so will need someone prepared to give a bit extra so this girl can enjoy life to the full and never be so overweight again. If you think you could love Oprah and give her a home and lots of time for fuss, then please contact our foster mum Charlotte – cats_ratsandrabbits@hotmail.co.uk


Velvet is a middle aged female, we think black Otter Rex rabbit who came to us pregnant. She has recently given birth to 7 lovely rabbits who are now ready to find their own homes. Velvet is an adorable rabbit. She is very friendly and loves interacting with people.

She loves being stroked and if you stop she will nudge you to give her more love. If you are looking for a friendly and loving rabbit then Velvet could be just the one for you.


Butterfly is a black Otter Rex female who has come to the centre along with 8 other rabbits from Oldham branch of the RSPCA.  She is extremely fat and really needs a diet and lots of exercise, she is very reluctant to lose this weight at the centre and needs somewhere with space for her to burn off her calories.



Easter is a 4-5 month old black English Lop-eared male. He is neutered and microchipped and is friendly but will need some handling as he came in to the rescue as a stray. His ears will eventually grow to about 30 inches when a adult so the new owner needs to be aware of this.