Wally – 10 month old male Brown and White Rabbit

Wally came into RSPCA Walsall care in November 2009. Wally is a 10 month old crossbreed rabbit, we think that he could be a Netherland Dwarf crossed with a lionhead. He has been neutered/vaccinated and is fine to now live with a female bunny for company.

Wally is a stunning bunny. He is very bold and quite conversational. Possibly the noisiest rabbit I have ever heard! He is always buzzing and growling, but is not afraid of anything any more. He even let me have a lovely cuddle tonight, quite a change from the first day he arrived in care.

Inside his hutch Wally can be a little teritorial but just entice him out into a carrier and then he is putty in your hands. With more time I am sure he is going to be a fantastic boy to handle. Combine that with his stunning good looks I think that whoever is lucky to adopt him will be privilaged.

If you feel you can offer Wally his forever home, please email us at enquiries@rspca-walsall.org.uk or call us on 0845 272 3570.

Ronnie and Snowy – 3-5 year old male and female Brown and White Dutch and White and White Rabbit

Ronnie and Snowy have been in foster care here at Walsall RSPCA for 2 years now. They came in seperately and were bonded in our care due to them both being lonely. Ronnie is a 4/5 year old neutered female dutch bunny and Snowy is a 3/4 year old male REW.

Ronnie was brought to us with her sister, but as they were fighting we had to split them. Snowy was a stray, his owners were located but didnt want him back.

Both bunnies are tame, especially Snowy. Ronnie prefers to do her own thing, but will have a fuss at her own level. If you feel you can offer Ronnie and Snowy their forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at enquiries@rspca-walsall.org.uk

Bill and Ben

Meet Bill and Ben, two male brown and white cross-breed rabbits aged 1 year and 3 months old. They are friendly rabbits who enjoys human company and they would like a home with a large garden and to be rehomed together. 


(Bill pictured above)


(Ben pictured above)

Hazel and Fiver

Hazel and Fiver are brown and white Dutch rabbits. Mum, Hazel, is always happy to run up to her carers when they offer her fruit and veg but she is very nervous of being picked up and stroked, which is probably the result of a negative experience when she was the victim of an uncaring breeder.

(Hazel pictured above)

Since she has been at The Mayhew she has improved a great deal, but it will take time and patience to bring her on further.

(Fiver pictured above) 

Her son, Fiver, is the complete opposite and enjoys meeting new people and likes to be petted and stroked. He also enjoys playing. As a bonded pair, these two will make two different but very rewarding pets.


Snufflebum is a 14-16 month old tri-coloured buck Dutch rabbit. Since arriving at The Mayhew he has come out of himself and now eager to explore his surroundings. He is the naughty boy of the Mayhew rabbit community and he never fails to make his carers laugh at his antics. Snufflebum has two favourite pastimes – chilling out and playing.


His favourite trick is watching eagle-eyed from afar, waiting until his accommodation has been cleaned and freshly restocked before immediately rearranging it all in his own particular style, flipping his toys everywhere and shredding the newspaper, so thoughtfully provided by his carers for his convenience. Snufflebum is very sweet natured and thus easily forgiven. He handles well settling down for a cuddle whenever someone is prepared to spend time with him.

Since arriving at the Mayhew Snufflebum has been treated for snuffles, which may or may not recur in the future but he could be treated at Mayhew prices. Because of his former condition Snufflebum would be better suited to an environment with a steady temperature and as such would make an excellent single house rabbit in a home with adults and older children. Who could resist giving a forever home to this little sweetheart?