Rocky – 1 year old male Brown Rabbit

Rocky is a breathtakingly stunning bunny. He came into care as an unwanted bunny at 1 year old. He is a divine chocolate colour and has a lovely personality to match. Rocky is a friendly lad with lots of personality. He can be independant and like to investigate things but also likes a fuss and a head rub. Rocky is vaccinated and will be neutered shortly. We are looking to rehome Rocky with a female rabbit for companionship. If you feel you can offer Rocky his forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at

Sooty – 2 year old female Brown and Fawn Mini-Lop Cross Rabbit

Sooty came into RSPCA Walsall care in January 2010. Sooty is a mini lop crossed with something that has given her the most amazing ears in the world. We are not sure of her exact age but she is a fairly young bunny at around 2 years. She arrived with fur mites and bald patches on her back where she had been pulling her own fur out in a desperate attempt to stop the itching. After just a couple of weeks and two simple injections to kill off the mites, her beautiful thick coat has regrown and you would never know that she ever had a problem.

Sooty is very confident and adventurous and has obviously been well handled in the past. She adores being fussed and cuddled and absolutely loves having her head and ears rubbed. She is relatively easy to handle and would be the perfect first time bunny for a new owner. Sooty is neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a forever home with a neutered male rabbit. If you feel you can offer Sooty her forever home, please contact us at or call us on 0845 272 3570. Many thanks


Pimms is a Harlequin Rex, her colour will change twice a year, the fur getting much lighter in the summer, and a darker chocolate brown in the winter. She is a good sized rabbit and is very confident, apparently enjoying lying on top of a Labrador dog on a regular basis, so this is no shrinking violet! She has recently also been neutered.


Brandi and Brandy

Brandi and Brandy are two Lion Heads who are mum and daughter.  They came into the rescue as their owners are moving and cannot take them with them.  They are very friendly and are hoping for a nice new home they are both micro-chipped and spayed.


(Brandi pictured above)


(Brandy pictured above)