Robbie and Millie – 8-9 month old male and female Fawn and Black Rabbits

Millie and Robbie came into care as part of a large rescue the RSPCA did where breeding had got out of control. These two make a really lovely pair, and we are pretty certain that they are brother and sister. We would estimate them to be around 8-9 months old now. Robbie is an absolute little darling, he doesnt mind being handled. Millie is a little timid, she is a little nervous of being handled but is fine when out in the run/garden. If you feel you can offer Robbie and Millie their forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or enail us at

Sooty – 2 year old female Brown and Fawn Mini-Lop Cross Rabbit

Sooty came into RSPCA Walsall care in January 2010. Sooty is a mini lop crossed with something that has given her the most amazing ears in the world. We are not sure of her exact age but she is a fairly young bunny at around 2 years. She arrived with fur mites and bald patches on her back where she had been pulling her own fur out in a desperate attempt to stop the itching. After just a couple of weeks and two simple injections to kill off the mites, her beautiful thick coat has regrown and you would never know that she ever had a problem.

Sooty is very confident and adventurous and has obviously been well handled in the past. She adores being fussed and cuddled and absolutely loves having her head and ears rubbed. She is relatively easy to handle and would be the perfect first time bunny for a new owner. Sooty is neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a forever home with a neutered male rabbit. If you feel you can offer Sooty her forever home, please contact us at or call us on 0845 272 3570. Many thanks

Thumper – 2 year old male Fawn Rabbit

Hello I am Thumper. Look at how handsome I am! My last owner didn’t really handle me much, so now I am a bit territorial about my cage, however if you don’t mind me boxing you every now and again when I think you might be about to rearrange my house, then I might be the bunny for you. Once I am out of my cage I am a very easy going little chap and I love being fussed. I go all silly if you rub my head. I am really friendly to other bunnies and so laid back I even like cats too! Oh and I love my food a lot too. I am neutered and vaccinated and just waiting for someone to love me forever.

Buster and Daisy – 2 year old male and female Black and Fawn Rabbits

BUSTER & DAISY are now a bonded pair and need someone to love them. They are both in need of a loving home with loads of space to run, hop & binky round. Buster is an affectionate bunny who will lick your nose for a kiss and loves to be fussed over. Daisy is very vocal however is OK to be handled but due to size, they both feel uncomfortable when they don’t have paws on solid ground. These two will make someone great pets. Please, if Buster and Daisy are for you, feel free to contact me to view for cuddles. Dawn can be contacted on 01522 532692 to answer any queries at all that you might have. You can also email Dawn directly on . Please remember Dawn is a volunteer, who shares her home and busy life with our rabbits. She might not be available to take your call immediately – please be patient, she will get back to you.

Fred and George – 16 month old male Lop-Eared Rabbits

Fred and George are two neutered males aged 16 months old. They are looking for a home with a secure garden and a large set up or shed to live in as they are big rabbits! They need to be homed together.fred-and-georgem


Sandy is a 1 year old buck rabbit who originally came to the Mayhew as a 2 month old kit.  He was bonded with a non-Mayhew rabbit that has since died and sadly Sandy is looking for a new forever home and partner. Since he has grown he has become the most handsome young man.


With his light coloured fur and a small patch of black around the right hand side of his neck, resembling a lion’s mane, he has striking good looks that everyone comments on.

Sandy has always been shy and gentle. He loves being around people and other rabbits and is very inquisitive but will keep his distance preferring to watch, letting them make the first move. Once he has given his trust, he lets you know, giving little nudges of appreciation and by being around and about you generally. He loves to be stroked on the nose and tickled behind the ears.

The trick is to let him get used to you gradually before making a sudden approach. Kind words and encouragement go a long way with him. Sandy dislikes noise and sudden movements and for this reason he will be better homed in a quiet environment preferably with adults or older children only. He is easily handled providing you are confident with him and he feels secure and with the right TLC he soon learns here is nothing to fear.

Sandy has been a house rabbit but could equally be an outdoor pet. He will be bonded with another, perhaps more confident, Mayhew rabbit and will, therefore, be homed as one of a pair. Alternatively, if the right partner cannot be found he could be bonded with a non-Mayhew rabbit looking for a partner.