Fudge – Adult male Dutch Cross Rabbit

Fudge is an adult neutered male Dutch cross. He came in on the 23rd of October after being removed from his previous home by an Inspector.
He is friendly and ok to pick up and handle. He needs to be homed with a spayed female for company.fudgem1

Fred and George – 16 month old male Lop-Eared Rabbits

Fred and George are two neutered males aged 16 months old. They are looking for a home with a secure garden and a large set up or shed to live in as they are big rabbits! They need to be homed together.fred-and-georgem


Gus is a lop eared male, he is a chunky but truly charming chap who simply loves people and being around them.  As soon as someone walks by he runs up and down excitedly trying to catch their attention.  If this fails to work then he picks up the nearest object in his mouth such as a toy or piece of paper and frantically rushes around whilst looking as cute as he possibly can.


This usually does the trick and the lucky person is then treated to the full Gus repertoire.  This includes standing on his hind legs with his front paws on the person’s leg, nudging the person and following them when they try to leave. Gus is a fearless rabbit who doesn’t always know what’s good for him and who has the capacity to get into all sorts of scrapes through his curiosity in exploring and meeting other rabbits and animals.

Luckily his trust in people sees him through as he nearly always comes back to them when he is called. His new carers will need to keep an eye on his antics and be careful that he does not get underfoot.

Gus is confident and lively rabbit who is used to older children and to being handled. He would make an excellent indoor or outdoor rabbit but above all he will need constant company plus a stimulating environment to satisfy his love of life. Gus will either be paired with another Mayhew rabbit or could bonded with a pet rabbit looking for a companion.