Brian – 3 year old male Gray Standard Rex Rabbit

This is Brian. He is a 3 year old Rex and is a very special case, he has been in care for 2 years and a half years, originally coming in as part of a trio. His two hutch mates have since passed away. Brian was to be a long term foster as his owners were posted to another country, through the forces. They have since decided that they will not be taking Brian back on their return and have asked that we re-home him.

Brian has a long term health condition in the form of snuffles and has to go to a home with a bunny who already has this condition. Although this causes him no day to day problems and he is very healthy, he would be contagious to a rabbit who does not have the condition. On a daily basis Brian has a snuffly nose and occasionally this can flare up causing him to require a short course of antibiotics. However this is rare.

Brian is a loving and very inquisitive rabbit. When out in the garden he will race round and leap in the air with excitement! He also really likes his food and is a little chubby. We are desperate to find Brian a loving home that will allow him to live out the rest of his days being loved and cared for. Please get in contact if you would like to know more, Brian is currently being fostered with Charlotte.

Esme – 18 month old female Grey Rex Rabbit

Esme is a stunningly beautiful and elegant 18 month old standard rex, her fur is extremely soft and thick it is like stroking velvet. So far Esme has an unsettled life moving from home to home before she arrived in rescue with her sister; however they were separated immediately due to them fighting.

Esme has calmed down alot since she came into care. Shes getting more friendlier by the day. Esme loves to play with toys and they keep her entertained for hours, you can often hear her throwing her jingle ball around the hutch, or see her chewing on her willow toys.

Rex rabbits are prone to sore hocks so need to have a very soft padded floor within their accommodation this can easily be achieved with a thick layer of soft hay. Esme is looking for a neutered male to share a forever home with. If you feel you can offer Esme her forever home, please call us on 0845 272 3570 or email us at