Archer and Tippex

Archer (agouti lop eared) and Tippex (white lop eared) are a lovely bonded pair who arrived all the way from Hampshire.  They are very nice, gentle rabbits, Tippex being a neutered female, and Archer a neutered male. They are both about 4 years old.  I have been able to handle them easily for their worming medication, which is a real bonus. 


(Archer pictured above)

They were very well looked after, but sadly the addition of a new dog on the scene meant that there lives were in danger, and they no longer would come out their house, so the decision was made to find them a new home. 


(Tippex pictured above)

They will make very good pets, and are definitely worth coming to see if you are considering taking on a steady pair. ***UPDATE*** Someone has expressed an interest in this pair so there may be a reserve on them soon.  Fingers crossed!

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